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Superior performance from the first print to the last. ProCopy cartridges equal or surpass OEM cartridges in image quality and page yield. Every cartridge is print tested before packaging and random cartridges are selected for audit on the production line. Rigorous testing methods enable us to put quality into every ProCopy cartridge - from engineering design to manufacturing to final output; to ensure it meets our highest standards. The name on the box warrants the quality inside. Our ProCopy brand ensures that you receive a quality cartridge with a productive life.
We will not supply a product that does not pass our strict testing methods from initial print to last. When you choose a ProCopy replacement brand cartridge for your printer, there is no risk to your printer OEM warranty. We consistently assess the manufacturing process to ensure your satisfaction in our product. We print test 100% of our cartridges before packaging, we perform monthly life testing in our manufacturing site and our technicians test samples from our warehouse inventory and from completion on the production line.
Our production facility applies extensive procedures to ensure quality. First, the cartridge is completely disassembled. Each component is inspected, separated and cleaned, and a new drum is installed. New wiper blades are applied, new magnetic rollers are installed and the toner powder is tested to the same specification as the OEM. The cartridges are put through to the R&D department for testing. We test the toner seal to ensure against any leaking on the printed page. The container is then sealed with a pull strip before finally being boxed.
Hundreds of millions of empty toner cartridges are thrown away each year, with some of the composite materials taking a thousand years to naturally decompose. The combined effect of this waste has an enormous detrimental effect on our environment. ProCopy cartridges are made with recycled parts wherever possible. Replacement cartridges feature specified and approved toner, new drums, cleaning blades, and certified developer roll sleeves. All parts replaced are sent to recycling units, in order to minimise our effect on the global ecosystem.



Will ProCopy toners void my printer warranty?
It is against the law for printer manufacturers to void your warranty for using compatible toner cartridges, though many claim that they will do so. They are simply attempting to discourage people from using compatible toners, to protect their own sources of income (i.e. original toners). As part of our warranty, Nationwide Office Supplies would collect, repair and return any printer damaged as a result of using ProCopy cartridges.
Do ProCopy toners have the same page yield as originals?
With ProCopy, you will get at least the same number of printed pages, if not more, as you will get from original cartridges.
I’ve used compatibles in the past and they weren't up to scratch. What makes ProCopy different?
When buying toner cartridges online, it is difficult to know whether or not you are getting a high quality product, especially given the abundance of cheap and nasty toners on popular shopping sites such as Amazon or eBay. Nationwide Office Supplies is a specialist toner manufacturer, with over 20 years' experience in the industry. We maintain strict quality control standards at every stage of the process and make sure that every one of our cartridges is of the same brilliant quality. This is why our customers come back again and again!